Mikael VOJINOVIC France, b. 1975

Mikael Vojinovic with his large white frame glasses, his thick beard, his handlebar moustache and his Einstein-like tousled dark hair, legacy of his Serbo-French origins is a provocative and blunt artist who takes you on an electrifying journey.

When he was ten, photography came as self-evident when he met his first girlfriend. He decided to take a picture of her and magic happened. He revealed something indescribable, innocent and intriguing – a look, a posture, an aura – that would be kept for ever with the photograph.

His photographic work is intended to be directly connected to women for whom he claims an unconditional love. He wants to show women’s strength and contradictions as accurately as possible.

Mikael Vojinovic describes his work as “raw” to clarify his blunt and rough approach and straight connection to reality and women’s beauty. He sometimes pushes them to their limits in order to get their truest and deepest self. 

He uses little to no artificial light and prefers to use the strong character of his models – sensual and self-assured women. Mikael Vojinovic takes inspiration from the surrounding environment he always spontaneously selects; he is a born image maker and tells sexy-rock stories with light.