Elka LEONARD France, b. 17/10/1971

Self-taught French painter born in 1971, Elka has an atypical path, mixing entrepreneurship and art.
Her work, a tribute to femininity, makes the universe the empire of a woman : the woman, the women, the Creator, the one who gives life not only by giving birth but also by the thought. As the image of Eve who makes the first gesture of freedom, tasting the apple, who is curious and goes towards knowledge, her Women open the way of free will. She took over Melinda Gates' injunction : "Women must leave the margins and take their place, not above or below men, but at their side, at the center of society, adding their voices and making the decisions they are entitled to make."
Women can move forward today with hope, confidence, because the women who came before have paved the way, and made it easier.

In the background, self-knowledge and the quest for freedom.

Her research takes shape through a multitude of protagonists who turn into a framework with multiple vanishing points. The decor is adorned with uninhabitable buildings and mirrors that reinforce the opposition between the finite and the infinite, and reflect our sense of strangeness in front of the current world. An eye, both protective and inner, often the Providence one, observes the scene and strolls in the unconscious of the world around it.
Her works have cinematographic painting looks.

Elka dialogues with the superimposed epochs : the supernatural rubs shoulders with the everyday life and the mythical intrudes into the modern, the world then appears as a museum where to draw a new harmony. Her work offers the possibility of overcoming the logic of realism in order to formalize the immaterial of the dream into a pictorial substance and highlights the inseparable relationship that links the past to the present.
She seeks to bring the observer up, to take off, to take a fresh look at Life every day.