"The reason is not my ally", Elka LEONARD


From 16 July to 13 August 2020 | Opening July 23, 2020

Bronner Gallery, 524 av. du Général de Gaulle, Guéthary, France



Madness is the one thing you never forget...


Elka Leonard, painter, exhibits for the first time a series of seven pieces composed around the notion of excess.


Because moderation is definitely fatal, and nothing succeeds so perfectly than immoderation.


Women remain her favourite performers, a powerful tribute to femininity. All womanhood. Singular, plural, creators of life and thought. They open the way to free will, distant, sometimes arrogant. They live!


They run. They fly on their own wings, free.

They forget reason and the ordinary.


In her compositions, Elka Leonard wishes to put forward avant-garde artists, agitators of conscience, trend setters, who push forms and concepts to the breaking point, to surpass established diktats.


She offers us a reflection on the alienating injunctions to which the Being must submit to prevent him from finally being himself, because knowledge and the quest for freedom remain the guiding thread of Elka Leonard's work.


Let's be bold, could be the leitmotif of this pictorial subject. Let us thus let ourselves go to explore the virtues of vertigo, the sensations of dizziness and the imbalance it causes.




Elka Leonard evolves between surrealism and free figuration and offers us once again, a colourful and liberated universe. She thus uses all her sensitivity to translate her inner reality as faithfully as possible.


She invites us into her universe, full of history and references both retro and contemporary, the Roaring Twenties remaining her favourite period for its cultural and intellectual effervescence marked by creativity and exuberance.


A world between dream and reality. We find the balance and vivacity of her pictorial constructions, as well as the total use of her canvases, major characteristics of her work.


Her work on details invites the viewer to imagine the unsaid, the suggested and sometimes censored.

The characters play out precise scenes among themselves, in which the artist leaves areas of shadow and offers everyone the possibility of recognising themselves and choosing their own interpretation.


The temporal planes are intertwined between the current representation of a provocative personality and a retrospective look at the past, a sign of acquired experience.


We find the association between cultural history and philosophical reflections on everyday objects.


The exhibition "The Reason is not my ally" proposes to go beyond what is allowed in terms of norms, morality or social conventions.

Elka Leonard breaks codes and offers us a share of freedom.