Bronner Gallery, Guéthary

From December 3, 2020 to February 28, 2021, the Bronner Gallery will host, in its virtual gallery, the exhibition «Tales and Legends», photographic artworks by the mythical Studio Harcourt, in collaboration with Normal Magazine.

The reading of an artwork being very personal, the Bronner Gallery will at the same time propose, on its walls, in Guéthary, an interpretation of the exhibition « Tales and Legends» through the works of three other artists, faithful to the gallery: Elka Leonard, William Let and Bruno Fabbris.

Thus, the Bronner Gallery wishes to invite the viewer to dream and imagine. As an incentive to interpretation, so that everyone can make his own story, his own tale, his own legend. The gallery asks the observer to see things differently, to participate in the story that is played on the medium.

Elka Leonard, a French painter evolving between surrealism and free figuration, invites us into her universe, full of history and references both retro and contemporary. A world between dream and reality where the temporal planes are intertwined between current representation and retrospective gaze, between cultural history and philosophical reflections.

William Let, a French art photographer, has always been lulled by legends, energies and spirits. It was in 2009, during a trip to Brazil, that William listened to the legends of a people who live in harmony with the land, our mother, The Pachamama. And it is in this universe that William Let takes us. A world of spirituality and respect.

Bruno Fabbris is a French photographer and artist. Fascinated by the emotion aroused by the moment captured, which our retina or our memory try to grasp and print, he is fascinated by the unpredictability of the image. He seeks to capture the pure emotion of a body or a face in all its simplicity. He carries our imagination into his universe.

Studio Harcourt’s partnership with Normal Magazine has given birth to eight works of art signed by Harcourt, two of which will be exhibited at the Bronner Gallery. Enchanting or diabolical interpretations of the stories of our childhood, magnified by the expertise and excellence of a unique imprint.

Nine narrative games that, through painting and photography, make us discover ancient oral or written traditions with a contemporary approach, travel in the world of men, spirits and gods, and believe again and again in the marvelous.