August 13, 2020 to September 17, 2020, Opening August 20, 2020

Bronner Gallery, 524 av. du Général de Gaulle, Guéthary, France


The body is magnified by the material.

The art photographer, Bruno Fabbris, presents eight spectacular artworks whose sole aim is to sublimate his subject, the woman, in an epic atmosphere.

At first glance, this rustle could come from the material, the fruit of the creations of Nathalie Rutili, his collaborator since 1995, composed kraft paper, silk paper, tulle and cardboard. Creations of an almost haute couture elegance, cover these muses with veiled, unveiled bodies floating in a soft, cottony universe.

It is without considering Bruno Fabbris' favourite material, his models. This skin, these lines and volumes that form the body when it becomes almost abstract. He magnifies the beauty of black skins and their incredible ability to capture light, their natural shine, as opposed to the matt aspect of white skins, and creates an ensemble in a contrasting complementarity. 

His colour palette of brown, black and grey allows him to colour his characters succinctly and softly. 

Because moderation is required to blur the clarity and focus solely on the subject he wants to highlight it. It is a form of harmony that is sought. To purify and keep only the essential. The luminosity must therefore be discreet and reveal the model.

Through his work, Bruno Fabbris takes our imagination into his universe, wrapped in a light fog through which the light passes.



Bruno FABBRIS is a French photographer and artist. After having studied drawing and painting in the art studios of Paris, he turns to black and white silver photography for which he produces his own prints. 

His artistic approach is written in his own monochrome of black, grey and brown, used in a very simple and natural light.

Fascinated by the emotion created by the captured moment, which our retina or memory tries to capture and print, he is fascinated by the unpredictability of the image. He thus seeks to capture the pure emotion of a body or a face in all its simplicity. This is a unique moment. 

To achieve this, Bruno Fabbris strives to create a relationship of trust with his model, involving her in his creativity to capture the sacred moment. It is the model's presence that gives the image its consistency. An alchemy.

Photography or painting?  Our artist oscillates between the two worlds, painting being a means of expression which by the play of colors and shapes on a surface, tends to reflect a personal vision. 

He then prints his photos on mat paper which reinforces the powdery side and brings his work closer to painting. He does not retouch his photos, or very little, but rather works on the chromy, the colour index, like a painter's palette that he works on with each new print.

This exhibition wonderfully captures all the sensitivity of these women, they, in the rustle of their finery, steal time and gain a second of immortality. Sculpted. Glorified.