Yannick Fournié France, b. 1972

French artist born in 1972,


Yannick Fournié lives in Biarritz surrounded by water. His relationship to this primordial element naturally became one of his favorite themes: the bodies are pouring out and melting, we get rid of the artifices and masks, the mind finally calms down.


“Water symbolizes for me both the moments of worry and the fullness of my life. In Biarritz or Lisbon, the daily spectacle of the ocean inspires me.  Lights and colours are constantly changing, creating an atmosphere that is renewed every time.”


There is always a “beyond” of Yannick Fournié’s first glance, mirror effects, reflections and shades, like ripples. The time to tune to the right frequency and look beyond the body and what is shown from it. Like the light on the aluminium, the touch vibrates on the canvas and the blue illuminates in the warmth of the orange.


He imerges us into his sensual and fantasized universe. In his freeze-frames, moments stolen from a disturbing female intimacy, the artist poses as a witness to the ambiguous look and impregnate with a certain voyeurism present today, in social networks.