William LET France, b. 1975

William Let is a French photographer and artist, born in the middle of the volcanoes in Auvergne. He has always been lulled by legends, energies, spirits and surrounded by healers of all kinds.  

In 2009, during a trip to Brazil for a humanitarian project, William Let got the idea for his photo series Pacham. During his stay, he listened to the legends and saw the eyes of a people who live in harmony with the earth, our mother, the Pachamama.

Inspired by the philosophies of tribes, indigenous people, thoughts of yesterday and today, symbols created thousands of years ago or more recently, his research has been based on the common point of wanting good, bringing inner peace and living in harmony on earth with ourself and others.

Filled with this approach and the desire to feel the strength of the art of body painting, he began to take photos of models he knew well, friends who had overcome life’s trials and tribulations, keeping a smile bigger than all the hardships they had gone through.

And it is in this universe that William Let takes us on a journey. A world of spirituality and respect. A world of vibration and harmony. A world of sensations and emotions. A world where it is all about love.