Tales and Legends, Studio HARCOURT



From December 3rd 2020 to February 28th 2021



When the timeless Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault or the myth of Narcisse are reinvented and told through art photography.

Normal Magazine, dedicated to contemporary art photography and the mythical Studio Harcourt decided, for the first time, to collaborate on a new exhibition.

Normal Magazine invited Studio Harcourt to capture all the magic of «Tales & Legends» under its mythical light while having fun with its traditional codes.

From this partnership were born 8 works of art signed by the Harcourt label, enchanting or diabolical interpretations of the stories of our childhood, magnified by the expertise and excellence of a unique imprint.

Discover the unpublished works of «Tales & Legends», a series of portraits with dreamlike and sensual evocations. Bodies are sublimated, transcended. They tell us their story and invite us to share their secret.

But if this exhibition is remarkable for its subject, it is no less remarkable for its format. Indeed, faced with this exceptional sanitary situation, the Bronner Gallery, which houses this exhibition, has decided to open its virtual gallery. So, from home, you can move as if you were there, enjoy the artworks and find important information.

This virtual exhibition is innovative as it was created to preserve a real closeness between the viewers by developing an ingenious system of interaction imagined to discover the history of the artwork or to give its own explanation. It is a call to interpretation, to see things differently and to participate in history.

When two art photography giants come together to rewrite the light by sublimating the tales of our childhood, we know that this reinterpretation will be full of magic… and modernity.